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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things About Me It Might be Helpful to Know

If you're reading this, you probably weren't expecting to arrive here and probably aren't planning to stay. Regardless, if you're curious, here is a list of basic things about myself. As the list progresses, some of the later items may seem less relevant than earlier items. I acknowledge and take full responsibility for their irrelevance:

1. I'm 18 years old. I look like that picture of me on my profile, only less tan because it's winter and I don't leave the house anymore.

2. I'm really into things like writing and reading.

3. I have the ability to play the piano. I stopped taking lessons when I was 15. The last pieces of music I learned how to play were "American Pie" and "Theme from Schindler's List." That's really where I peaked. You can infer what you want from that combination of music.

4. I also play field hockey. Or used to play field hockey. I could brag about how good I am at field hockey.
I am good at field hockey.

5. I've seen Wicked four times on two different continents. That usually comes up at some time or another and usually includes me holding up four fingers on one hand and two on another to demonstrate how many times and on how many continents I have seen said show.

6. I have a small dog named Ruby. She is cute and wonderful and easier to deal with than most humans. Minus the fact that she chews necessary things like my underwear.

7. I'm currently trying to get into to college. Next year, I'll study English and international relations or something of that sort at some private school. I've been admitted to six so far...

8. I love Justin Timberlake. He is by far the most superior Justin in pop culture today.

9. My favorite band is Vampire Weekend, my favorite book is The Art of Racing in the Rain.... The Art of Fielding comes in close second. My favorite color is purple and my favorite number is


11. I love the rain. But I hate the cold. I get cold when it's 60 degrees outside. My best cure for being cold is an electric blanket. Literally the best defense against chilly feet in the wintertime.

12. I love to read magazines. I keep every magazine I've ever owned. My favorite is Vanity Fair. It is my life goal to one day work for this magazine.

13. Liquid eyeliner is, in my opinion, every girl's best friend and a makeup staple.

14. I've been to England and Spain and various states/Caribbean islands... I love to travel, and am really interested in living and studying abroad.

15. Nothing boosts my morale like prom dresses.

16. I spend more time at school than I do at home. Recently, I had a lead in our musical Pippin. I like being involved in drama club and mock trail, and abhor every second that I must dedicate to National Honor Society.

17. My favorite place in the world is York Beach, Maine.

18. I love Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She is my favorite First Lady & style icon by far.

19. I generally love the Kennedy's, and would really like to be one.

20. I live in a very small suburban town, but I aspire to live in the city. Maybe New York City? Because I like to imagine myself as a young Carrie Bradshaw. Sadly, that dream was destroyed when the CW gave Anna Sophia Robb the job and really just ruined my young Sex and the City fantasies.

21. I still listen to CD's, write letters, and keep a journal. I love This American Life and NPR. I also refuse to wear Ugg boots and lack an iPhone. So I'm kind of anti-stereotypical teenage girl?

22. But I love Glee and cry when I see a cute puppy so forget that.

23. I don't have a favorite movie. But I love Chicago, The Shining, 13 Going on 30,  Little Miss Sunshine, and Sunshine Cleaning. So I guess maybe I kind of have a favorite movie.

And miscellaneous things:

My favorite class in school is AP English, I don't discriminate when it comes to fruits and vegetables or any food for that matter because I eat everything, I like running but hate thinking about doing it, my favorite accessory is a rose gold Fossil watch, my closet staple is my black leather jacket from Banana Republic, I can't cook an egg properly to save my life, Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet (I'm also taking an interest in Allen Ginsberg), I am probably going to die of mercury poisoning from the amount of sushi I eat, and I should be writing a research paper on Thurgood Marshall but I'm putting it off like nobody's business.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yes: 10 Reasons Why

Yes, Ryan, I will go to prom with you. But not without explaining myself in list format first. I feel it is the only appropriate way to respond to your proposal...

10. My first choice apparently "isn't available anymore".... we were going to coordinate ironic hula-themed outfits:

Saved for blackmailing purposes

9. According to social norms, it isn't acceptable to go with my second choice... even though he already rented a classy tux:

How does it feel to be runner up to this adorable creature?

8. Which means I'm available for the "Journey to Prom Fame via Masslive" Round 2:

The camera loves me and thinks you're okay...

7.  I know you won't mind if we listen to a mix of Glee/Mamma Mia/Lady Gaga on the way there:

When two of the greatest music-related things collide, you won't  be able to hide  your ethusiasm
6. I must admit that your mix CD's are quality compilations, and I would like to acquire another one:

The mixtape Charlie made for Patrick in "Wallflower"

5. If Justin Timberlake insists... and I obey his desires... that means I probably have a shot with him, right?

Sometimes, the best things in life can be put in a nicely wrapped package

4. Who, in their right mind, could reject an offer to spend an evening with THIS FACE? I would be a fool to ignore an opportunity like that:

It's like I'm looking at a young Zefron

3. I think we have a shot at prom royalty. Do you know how many of my high school dreams would be achieved if I got to be coronated as prom queen? Approximately one, but still:

Molly Ringwald didn't actually get to be Prom Queen in "Pretty in Pink" but it's a prom themed movie
so I had to make mention of it somewhere in this post

2. You think I'm gorgeous no matter what, so I know you'll appreciate whatever look I decide to go for this year. Even if it's this:

The theme is like movies and stuff right? That can only mean one thing... TWILIGHT!!

1. We have a history. The chemistry between us is undeniable. It's been there since sophomore year. Look:

Can't you feel it? It's practically radiating from the pixels!

So in conclusion, I would love to attend the high school social event of the spring season with you. And yes, I will drive. 

The Premise

The internet really likes lists. Lists are easy to write. So I'm going to write a lot of lists, particular to my tastes/interests/etc.

And if I don't write a list, and I write something else instead, well than that's alright also.