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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yes: 10 Reasons Why

Yes, Ryan, I will go to prom with you. But not without explaining myself in list format first. I feel it is the only appropriate way to respond to your proposal...

10. My first choice apparently "isn't available anymore".... we were going to coordinate ironic hula-themed outfits:

Saved for blackmailing purposes

9. According to social norms, it isn't acceptable to go with my second choice... even though he already rented a classy tux:

How does it feel to be runner up to this adorable creature?

8. Which means I'm available for the "Journey to Prom Fame via Masslive" Round 2:

The camera loves me and thinks you're okay...

7.  I know you won't mind if we listen to a mix of Glee/Mamma Mia/Lady Gaga on the way there:

When two of the greatest music-related things collide, you won't  be able to hide  your ethusiasm
6. I must admit that your mix CD's are quality compilations, and I would like to acquire another one:

The mixtape Charlie made for Patrick in "Wallflower"

5. If Justin Timberlake insists... and I obey his desires... that means I probably have a shot with him, right?

Sometimes, the best things in life can be put in a nicely wrapped package

4. Who, in their right mind, could reject an offer to spend an evening with THIS FACE? I would be a fool to ignore an opportunity like that:

It's like I'm looking at a young Zefron

3. I think we have a shot at prom royalty. Do you know how many of my high school dreams would be achieved if I got to be coronated as prom queen? Approximately one, but still:

Molly Ringwald didn't actually get to be Prom Queen in "Pretty in Pink" but it's a prom themed movie
so I had to make mention of it somewhere in this post

2. You think I'm gorgeous no matter what, so I know you'll appreciate whatever look I decide to go for this year. Even if it's this:

The theme is like movies and stuff right? That can only mean one thing... TWILIGHT!!

1. We have a history. The chemistry between us is undeniable. It's been there since sophomore year. Look:

Can't you feel it? It's practically radiating from the pixels!

So in conclusion, I would love to attend the high school social event of the spring season with you. And yes, I will drive. 

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